The mission of Profound Youth Acupuncture is to help you regain the harmony you deserve.  It starts when you walk through the doors; you feel the warmth and soothing sounds; then we help bring you back into balance.

Our goal is to provide quality acupuncture treatment using traditional Chinese medical practices.  The Five Element Theory is vital to traditional Chinese medicine; it is what we use to diagnose problems and provide treatments. Our powerful understanding of the Five Elements is the first step that will allow us, to help you achieve a harmonious balance between nature and life.


The human body is closely intertwined with nature, and the relationship between the Five Elements plays a pivotal role in maintaining a balanced and healthy body.  The Five Elements Theory was expanded from ancient Yin-Yang theory, and it explores a more complex relationship between the principal elements.  Each of the elements has its own specific characteristics and properties, and together they represent all things in balance: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  Life in balance.


Acupuncture uses natural healing practices that preserve health, and prevent illness.  Over thousands of years of observation and exploration, the intense study and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed into an art of treatment and healing.  Through acupuncture, the body can find harmony by balancing our opposing forces: the Yin and the Yang.

There is vital unseen energy that flows along the body’s meridians, and there are  12 regular and 8 extraordinary meridians that are targeted through Acupuncture. There are about 400 acupuncture points that work to release blockages within the body, helping to bring balance back into life.